Google Plus Is Now Called Currents

Google Plus Is Now Called Currents

by Fusta Group April 25, 2019
google current

google current

Google has finally realized that Google+ is not going to work anymore. Hence, owing to it, the team Google terminated the consumer side around a week ago, and what’s left is only the enterprise version. There is a catch here as well. The enterprise or, in simpler terms, the business version of Google+ is now termed something else. The Google+ or the G Suite version is now named ‘Currents’.

Google made the declaration in its annual developer conference alongside some important details. As revealed, with new and updated features, Currents will now have a new look reserved for only the business users. It has a lot of white space now, aiming to give it a sleek and clean look. Coming to the functionality and how it works, Google Currents is almost the same as how Google+ worked within the G Suite.

What is it expected to do? Google team took a shrewd turn and tried to turn it into a proper workforce management platform. So, it is safe to say that Currents is like how Slack functions. It will give employees within a single organization to interact with each other, engage in meaningful conversations and share important stuff without barging into each other’s inboxes all the time. It allows users to attach images, files, and tag each other in the posts. You can comment on each other’s message or post as well. It is safe to assume that you got yourself a complete management too. If you use Google Currents, the employee conversations can also be monitored and managed.

Those who are already a part of G Suite don’t have to do hard work to be a part of it. Currents is only available in beta, so the Admin will have to enroll in the beta program for the entire team to have access to it. The access can be requested through [email protected].com. If you don’t want to become a part of the beta game, don’t worry.

You can easily wait until Google rolls it out in an official, tested version. Currents is primarily a tool for businesses, so we don’t expect a consumer version of it to be released.

One thing we find positive here is Google eliminating Google+ completely. When the consumer version shut off, there was a lot of confusion with Plus still being the business version. Moreover, with Currents, we feel that Google will be able to put the failure behind and focus on creating a product that can really help businesses. With corporations and enterprises using Currents, it will be easy to restore the image of this feature that couldn’t ever be created.

For those who want a little background story, Google Currents is the only product the search engine has titled Currents. In 2011, Google released Currents as an online magazine, which was later rebranded into Google Play Newsstand. It bodes well for the previous Currents, and we can only hope the same for the new one as well. Let’s see how the final version turns out to be.


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