How to Create Content that Google Loves

How to Create Content that Google Loves

by Fusta Group April 24, 2019
How to Create Content that Google Loves

How to Create Content that Google Loves

DON’T! Create content for readers instead. They are the ones who search for your content. Google is smart and tries to read the mind of its users. It uses different algorithms and changes it more than 500 times a year. This is to ensure that the right content is available for its end users. When a searcher types something on the search engine, Google selects the best link for them. For that matter, it has set certain criteria that content creators have to fulfill. So, how should you go about it then? Here’s how!

How should you create content?

To create content that is loved by both your readers and Google, stop thinking about bots and start thinking about humans!

Think Like a Human

Why would a reader look for your content? What is the motivation behind it? Usually, people have the following intentions when searching.

  • Navigation

They want to find the location or address of a place or a website. Make sure your contact details are there.

  • Information

Curiosity is the driving force behind this search. They may not want to buy a product at the moment. Their only aim is to gather information. Give them as much information as you can. Offer guides or articles on relevant topics.

  • Commercial

They are seeking information to make a decision. They are looking for value additions and are comparing products. Your content should have a call to action for such searchers. Tell them why should they buy your product.

Stand Out

Now that you know the intention of your searcher, answer all their questions. This is the point where you should be ahead of your competition. Try focusing on bridging the knowledge gap in your targeted keywords. There are two ways to find the missing gaps and create your content to fulfill that.

  • Do It Yourself

‘Look up for a keyword on Google. Start reading the links that appear on the first page. Find the loopholes, which are your opportunities. Create your content around the same.

  • Use a Tool

Use an online tool to create optimized content. It offers a competitive landscape of your keyword to give you better insights. Highlights the content gaps and gives you an idea about the word count to access you the depth of a topic.

Optimize Your Content

Make your content Google’s favorite with indexing, using title tags and keywords. Use proper formatting and ensure it is crawlable

Last but not least, use the Search Console to test your content. Keep an eye on search results too to check your URL’s position on the search engine.


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