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Pro Remodeler

by Rex Camposagrado June 28, 2020
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Professional Remodeler provides breaking news, trends and best practices for the remodeling industry.

The Problem

Pro Remodeler’s main traffic sources came from direct, referral, email, and social media. They had very little organic traffic and they needed to improve their SEO efforts.

Services provided

Rex Camposagrado provided SEO, SEO Training for Editorial Staff, and social media training.

The Solution

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Rex from Fusta Group started SEO work on the website in April 2017. In less than a year, the website showed a +600% increase in Organic Traffic and SEO as a traffic source accounted for 68% of their overall traffic.


Kate C. headshot

Kate C. – Writer and Editor

“I am so grateful and honored to have worked with Rex. He taught me so much about best practices for SEO and digital content strategy, but more importantly, Rex taught me which resources to seek out so that down the line, I’ll be able to catch my own fish, so to speak.

Our website traffic and social media strategy regularly and vastly improved with Rex’s guidance and action items. Rex’s dedication and wealth of insight inspired me to do my best work as he does, creating a high-caliber collaboration for the benefit of far more than just ourselves.

Rex “is an SEO rock star — minus a rock star attitude.” Always willing to teach and look for answers, Rex has made a significant impact on our work, and on my career. I thank Rex, and recommend him highly as he has much to recommend the world.”

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